Food containers and packaging products are commonly used everywhere but not many people are aware of the problem associated with the use of these products. These containers and packaging can leach dangerous substances and chemicals into food. More importantly, this problem has yet to be resolved since cleaner and safer alternatives have not been developed. Inspired to find a resolution to this problem, Weerachat Kittirattanapaiboon, M.D., attempted to develop safer containers and packaging products made from bagasse that meet the needs of consumers.


Weerachat Kittirattanapaiboon, M.D., established Biodegradable Packaging for Environment Public Company Limited in January of 2005, on an area of 48 rai on Asia Road, Chainat Province, which is Thailand’s first and only company to be granted the Investment Promotion Privilege for biodegradable packaging from Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) and is the only company in AEC member countries that manufactures natural plant fiber containers and packaging products that are safe, free of substances causing cancer, and with superior quality including leak proof, ovenable, microwavable, use for hot and cold food.



1.To research, explore, and invent new products that meet the needs of consumers.

2.To extend marketing distribution across all channels in order to increase sales.

3.To promote awareness of products and create product testing opportunities among a wide range of customers.


To be a leading company in manufacturing natural plant fiber and other green packaging products for better health of consumers both domestically and internationally and for sustainable environment.

Value of Gracz

“Gracz” was created from a desire for all humans to have good health and live in good environment. We are determined to produce safe, convenient, and functional products.


We carefully select natural raw materials including the continuous research and development processes to make quality products with functionality that meets the needs of both general consumers and industrial groups who want environmentally friendly packaging products.


Eco Friendly Cycle

Gracz is produced from 100% natural materials which make out products biodegradable and 100% decomposed back into natural elements.

The cycle begins with sugar factories that produce bagasse after sugarcane stalks are used. Bagasse is then processed into fibers to be transported to Biodegradable Packaging for Environment Public Company Limited to produce packaging products that are safe to use and environmentally friendly.

When disposed of by burying in the ground, Gracz products are decomposed by biodegradable process and 100% returned back into natural elements becoming fertilizer for plants.

Sugarcane and other plants are fertilized and grow to become a source of sugar.This is the cycle that is eco friendly and sustainable.


  • 2005 Company Established
  • 2006 First Factory Opened and Received “TOP Ten Innovative Business 2006” from NIA
  • 2007 ISO 9001:2008 Certificate (Quality Management System)
  • 2008 Production increased by 2.5 times
  • 2009 Received “Good Design Award” from G-Mark, Japan and “Prime Minister Export Award”
  • 2010 ISO 22000:2005 Certificate (Food Safety) and sell to Casino Group (FRA) and Tesco (UK)
  • 2011 BRC/IOP and Din Certco Certificate (ASTM D 6866:2008) and First Shipment to Wal-Mart (CAN)
  • 2012 US FDA Approval and sell to Lidl (GER) and Monoprix (ITA)
  • 2013 PASSED OFFICE DEPOT AUDIT. Second Factory Commissioning Equipment and Sell to Woolworths (AUS)
  • 2014 Received “7 Innovation Award” from CP All

Technology & Production Process


1. Incoming Inspection


2. Pulp Mixing


3. Pulp Beating


4. Filtering


5. Wet Forming


6. Dry Forming


7. Edge Cutting


8. Metal Detecting


9. UV Disinfection


10. Quality Infection


11. Packing